BKCO Mortgage Delivers Home Buyers 5 Star Customer Service

The BKCO Mortgage team is your partner for success. We work closely with Keller Williams Realty, who is aligned with our "I can help you" mission to help our clients manage their wealth in real estate. Our goal is to provide 5 star customer service and a clear path to purchase for first-time homebuyers, homebuyers ready to move up to a larger home to raise their family or purchase their dream home, and homebuyers preparing to retire.

As a first-time home-buyer, [loan officer] help was invaluable! She was committed to helping both my wife and I make sure we were well-informed and setup for success with our loan's terms. We are grateful for everything she's done for us!

Verified Customer Review, September 11, 2019

Customer service means several things to us, and they all revolve around your home loan experience. Helping you make the best choices during a major financial decision is at the top of the list. You can rely on us to listen carefully to your financial and personal strategies for homeownership, and to answer your questions in everyday language. Making sure that your loan will be affordable and easy to manage is essential.

Another facet of customer service is sharing our knowledge of our different loan options with you. Since our industry continues to change, this means you’ll be served by exeprienced mortgage pros who have access to a wide range of home loan options to make your home purchase affordable. 

… the folks at BCKO mortgage are incredible! I am confident that I will use them every time I need a mortgage in the future. [Loan officer] was attentive, and timely, and very knowledgeable. Not to mention this is the cheapest way to get a mortgage! Those lender credits are unheard of. There wasn't another lender that was willing to match them. Way to go guys, and thanks.

Verified Customer Review, August 28, 2019

Fast, efficient service is also at the top of our list. You can rely on BKCO Mortgage to answer your calls promptly, provide fast answers to your questions, and our digital mortgage app and in-house loan processing team will keep you up-to-date when your loan application proceeds to the next stage.

It doesn’t matter if you contact us when you’re ready to buy, or are still in the planning stages of buying, renovating, building or refinancing a home. You’ll receive the same high standards of customer service that’ll make you feel glad you chose BKCO Mortgage.

- Oct 08, 2019